5 Retro Games You MUST Play!

There are so many good retro games out there that hasn’t been played/heard of or discovered by people. I decided to make a video of one of my favorite classic games that I recommend anyone who is interested to play. Of  course, I have a lot of other games on the shelf that deserves to be on that top 5 but fear not! I will make more of these. I just wanted to choose some games that were on three different consoles/platforms rather than just one.

If you want to know more about this list then go ahead and watch it.

– Siara

Stupid Things Swede’s do

Yeah yeah, the title might be a bit “mean” but it’s okay because I am a Swede too, right?

But seriously, this is something I need to vent out on (or Rant out on) Some  of these things can apply to other people in different countries too, I am just writing these based off experiencing them myself here in Sweden (exclude the airplane one. You’ll know what I mean by that when you’ll watch the video)

I could write everything down if I wanted to but because I’ve made an awesome video, I decided to just paste it here for those who want to watch something instead.

Sit back and enjoy my rant. Oh and Merry late/belated Christmas!

– Siara

Italy, Venice


Currently in Italy strolling around Venice. It’s a beautiful place here and I feel so comfortable around here. People are happy, enjoying themselves in the sun. Eating Gelato, food and laughing out loud. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and I finally did. It was on my to-do list for years and I was never able to go until recently. I came down here with someone special to me which made the whole trip even better. I don’t want to go back.

– Siara

It’s not About the Money

There are so many people that I’ve met in my life that have complained about their jobs and how unhappy they are with their situation.

I understand that it can be hard to find something you love to do and the struggle of finding something interesting to study. What I don’t understand is that people who has a job, complains that they don’t like their job. I am not saying it’s wrong to vent out about your situation but if you really are unhappy then why the hell are you working at that place?? People might not admit this but the real reason behind this is because it’s scary and it might lead to discomfort when quitting your job.

When I mention the word scary, I don’t mean it like it’s spooky, I mean it like the world out there is scary and leaving your job might get you into a situation you might not like. Getting into a situation that you’re not familiar with might make you a bit worried, it could be that you won’t find a new job anytime soon and you have to keep spending your savings (if you even have any). Perhaps you find another job that doesn’t give you the same wage (that is mostly the case if you change your roll). All of these things might leads to discomfort. But if you don’t make any changes, how are you gonna move on? How are you gonna grow and be happy? Is money really everything? People got it all wrong. Even if you earn a lot of money but you’re doing something you hate 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, then what’s the point? This is what I hate with the society.

Someone I know is studying to become a doctor so I asked her one day why she wanted to be a doctor and her answer was: “Duh because of the money” I seriously got speechless when she said that (and then I scolded her afterwards for saying that)

I would NEVER want to be treated by someone who is a doctor due to the wage, what kind of bull is that? That makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like the person don’t want to help me at all. This is a major problem, people are getting the wrong idea. Becoming a doctor is about helping people not stealing money from them. Sigh, we’re living in a sad world. This is only one example out of many but you get point where I am going with this.

I was at the hospital the other day (long story) and this nurse told me she was working overtime (not sure if she was complaining or not) and then I said – “It’s good that you love your job” she looked at me and chuckled, “Not really I am just doing it because the pay is really good” she laughed out loud when she said that. I then smiled awkwardly back and said “You should’ve probably not have said that right before poking that needle in me” she laughed out loud once again (she thought I was joking but I was not). Things like this makes me angry. I know there are people out there that don’t know what they want to do but they keep doing their same routine over and over again. I am not saying she should change her job but she could’ve at least kept it a bit professional rather than mentioning that she’s doing it for the money.

It’s not about the money, it’s about happiness.

– Siara

Stuck at home

I didn’t think I’d be stuck in bed this week. I feel like someone has punched my stomach 100 times in a row and I feeling the after effect of the result. I want to do things but I can’t, I feel so unproductive. Doing nothing sucks and I have no patience at all. It’s quite funny that I am reacting this way. People would normally love being stuck in bed, watching movies all day and just chill. I am quite the opposite, I want to go to work and be creative. Meh, no streaming too…boo.

Oh well, enjoy this awesome photo from Disneyland. Pineapple icecream…take me back.

– Siara

Unboxing the Canon EOS M10

 I finally did a unboxing video! It’s been a while since I did one (PS4 unboxing) and I had been planning to get a new camera for a while now so I decided to try the Canon EOS M10. I have another one coming up though : ) for now, enjoy this one and I hope it helps people who wants to have a closer look to the product.

(You need to click on the title to make the video appear)

– Siara

Engagement Party


One of my friends from high school (six form) got engaged recently and decided to throw a party with his close ones. It’s insane how fast time has gone by. I remember years ago that we were sitting in this coffee shop having lunch and he mentioned this chick he started dating. I remember how he described her and how much he liked her back then. That was like 7 years ago! I ended up seeing some other high school friends there too that I hadn’t seen for over 5 years! It was nice catching up and talking about the good ol’ times. I ended up dancing for hours in my sky high heels and I couldn’t feel my feet after 7 hours haha. And no, I wouldn’t normally wear pants for a engagement party but I thought heck I am gonna do it anyways and I rocked that outfit. (ps. to see the rest of the photos you need to click on the title) I apologize for the bad quality photos, it was a bit dark.

I am so happy for the both of them and I hope that they live a happy and a healthy life. I am so looking forward to the wedding! Congratulations!

– Siara



I forgot how much people can troll on forums. I feel like I was an angel when I was active in forums back in the days compared to the persons I had to deal with today. I don’t really work at support but people we’re going overboard today there so I had to step in and do something about it.

I used to be apart of a bunch of forums over 13 years ago. It was mostly Michael Jackson forums (and occasionally the Swedish Nintendo website…until Nintendo closed all Nintendo websites except their own official one, booooo!) but I remember back then how it was. I felt like it was a playground. If you were a mod, you were highly respected by the other users and If you had made a lot of posts you were quite “popular”. Can you believe that? Having a status in forums? Ridiculous. Even bullying happened there too. I remember this one chick that was super rude and annoying, she was driving everyone nuts. Don’t understand why she didn’t get any warnings and getting banned. Memories. Due to those forums, I ended up getting to know new people all around the world and getting new friends. I still have contact with few of them today. It’s funny how an artist can bring people together. I’m grateful for Michael Jackson and that he was apart of my childhood. Even if I got bullied for it, for being a fan of his, I was still proud to say that I am a supporter of him.

– Siara

Returning a ripped dress

4th of June was one of those days where you want to just forget about everything and enjoy the moment. It started with a phone call to my friend telling her I needed to return a dress that I had bought recently (there was a hole in my brand new dress, classy) she said she would join me in town and that we would plan something more when we meet up. Her boyfriend joined too (yay for being the third wheel) we ended up returning my dress and after that, I wanted to check out some cameras. I’ve had my Nikon camera for over 3 years now and I ended up buying something that I was never fond of. I spent a bit too much on it too which was a shame. So, I have been in the haunt for a new camera. It’s between two cameras atm. Either the Canon M3 or the Canon g7x Mark II. I want to fully test them both and read online before deciding. I don’t want to feel like I’m gonna regret my decision this time again. I will eventually get a DSLR camera too so I can film in better quality. I’m such a tech geek, It’s like candy to my eyes.

(P.S – To be able to see the photos attached to the post, you need to click on the post title. Lame, I know)

Anyways! We ended up going to two different stores, one was quite further out compared to the other one but it was alright. Then on the way back I told them that we should have a picnic! Well, we just bought some kebab and sat in a park, close enough still, no? After that I randomly suggested that we should go to the theme park and both of them said why not. We didn’t go on any rides because we ended up going there quite late in the evening. So, we ended up playing on the arcades (DDR ftw!) eat lots of yummy food, played some other games and took some photos. I will go there again just to ride everything and record it just for the fun of it! So you guys can see how it’s like at Liseberg. It’s one of my fav theme parks in the world.

Anyways, this all happened because of that ripped dress. Maybe it was meant to be after all.

– Siara