Nintendo Switch


(Note: I wrote this in the airplane on my way to London two days after the announcement)

No bloody way…Seriously Nintendo? Stop toying with my heart. Nintendo Switch? You guys always surprise me, since day one.

On the 20th of October, Nintendo announced that their new upcoming console, (Nintendo NX) is called Nintendo Switch. A very interesting name indeed but if you haven’t watched the promo video yet then you wouldn’t know the whole concept behind the name.

Yes, now the name makes more sense right? Switching locations with your game, wherever, whenever! So amazed with this project. I wonder if the 3Ds will now be “forgotten” ? Now that they will release a “hybrid” console/handheld, would they still focus on their handheld consoles? As a 3Ds owner, I would probably stick around with the Switch. The only thing that differs them apart is the 3D screen and the touch pad. I’m curious to see what they’re going to do in the future regarding that. One of the other things that I noticed with the controller is that the joystick is not centered like their classic controller or PS controller. That made me super excited because I prefer that setup, it gives more comfort and proper accuracy in my opinion.

The other hype is that Nintendo is now partnered with more companies, developers and publishers (Epic Games, Unity, Ubisoft, EA, Activision…) which is a really good thing for Nintendo. I believe that Nintendo Switch will be a big change for Nintendo, perhaps the sales will go up like it did with the Nintendo 64 or the Nintendo Wii (waiting list was 6 months in Sweden. Ebay was my last resort back then)

As much as excited as I am, unfortunately, the console won’t get released until March 2017. Not too far away but Nintendo always have a “habit” of releasing their consoles during Christmas time. A delay was needed for this project I assume.

I’ve been waiting for a new Zelda game for a long time now and knowing that I can play it on a handheld like that makes me super excited. Although, I do prefer seeing Link on a big screen tv. So sexy, in HD.

What are you looking forward to with Nintendo Switch?

– Siara