Unboxing the Canon EOS M10

 I finally did a unboxing video! It’s been a while since I did one (PS4 unboxing) and I had been planning to get a new camera for a while now so I decided to try the Canon EOS M10. I have another one coming up though : ) for now, enjoy this one and I hope it helps people who wants to have a closer look to the product.

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– Siara

Reacting to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

I am a huge The Legend of Zelda fan and Nintendo announced a new Zelda title during the E3 Treehouse couple of days ago. Instead of watching it through on my own, I decided to do a reaction video of me watching it. I don’t want to reveal too much, instead I’m gonna post the video for anyone to see : )

(You need to click on the title to make the video appear)


– Siara

Sony Press Conference 2016


Wow, just wow.

So many beautiful games that are in development. To be honest, it sucks to watch them showcase new games and then read later that they’re in development and doesn’t have a release date yet. That means it’s going to take them 2-3 more years to complete it which sucks! I mean don’t get me wrong, I know that it takes time to design a game but all that hype and excitement has to wait for a few more years *sob*

Let’s talk about some titles that got me excited!


God of War – Release: In Development
Developers: Santa Monica Studios

Let’s talk about God of War. I have not touched any of the previous titles yet I got a bit curious about the game and I am thinking about trying it out when it’s out. The intro was a bit harsh with the whole forcing my kid to haunt bit. He seems like a tough father but I feel like inside, he has a kind heart. I saw a bit of that when he was trying to comfort his son when he killed the deer. His son looked so sad. He stopped himself from comforting him and I think it was because he wanted his son to be strong (which is weird but then again it’s a video game, how should I know). I am excited to see more of this title when it’s close to its launch.


Days Gone – Release: In Development
Developers: Bend Studio

Seemed cool. It has that The Last of Us kind of feeling to it. It’s a bit mysterious so I would like to know more about the character and about his past. Who is the chick? His lover I assume. The zombies in this game are intense. The way they’re swarming reminds me of the Left 4 Dead franchise. Pretty neat!


Horizon: Zero Dawn – Release: February 28, 2017
Developers: Guerrilla Games

I must say it’s nice to see a female lead character in a game. I’m so used to be playing games there I play as a male. I have nothing against it but it’s cool to see a badass chick beating butts! Whoop! And when she was taming that animal (I assume it was a bull or something close to it?) I felt like it was like the movie Avatar where they connect their hair to the pet tail/hair to tame it (please tell me I wasn’t the only one thinking that).


Resident Evil 7 – Release: January 24, 2017 VR exclusive
Developers: Capcom

…okay Capcom you blew me away. Sony was showing some VR stuff and I thought it was something else. It was a bit bloody and I was like eww no I am not playing this in VR. Then it started getting a bit mysterious and interesting. An empty house led to hallucinations (or was it real?) to weird clues from a video tape. It was very confusing at first. A lot of jump cuts from people to animals to creepy locations. Then the roman 7 popped up then a fade in with the rest of the words spelling Resident Evil 7. I was like WHAT. Why I was surprised was because Resident Evil nowadays doesn’t seem as scary as it used to be back in the days. Today it feels more like action rather than horror. This gave me a complete different image of the Resident Evil franchise and I Love IT! This is what I am talking about Capcom. The Demo is available to play right now on PSN!


PS VR – Release: October, 13, 2016 (USA) – $399 USD

I am not sure when this is going to get released in Europe. I assume the same month at least or even same day (let’s hope) the price is a bit too much in my opinion. To pay for a PS4 then also pay $399 USD dollars doesn’t sound good to me. I have to try it first to give a complete honest review though. If it really feels like the HTC Vive then perhaps it’s worth it. For now I hope that they don’t make the price sky high in Europe.


Detroit Become Human – Release: In Development 
Developers: Quantic Dream

First of all. Wow. The intro really made me fall into the story so bad. I wanted the little girl to survive no matter what. When she fell I was like no! But when they re-winded the story and started telling about the choices and clues in the game can affect the story line I was like YES! I love games like that. It pressures the player to make a choice and based on their choice another action might happen which makes it so tense and interesting. I was thinking of Heavy Rain when I was watching this preview and then I realized that it’s the same developers lol (fail) Thumbs up for Quantic Dream!


Death Stranding – Release: In Development
Developers: Kojima Production

Okay let’s just all take a moment and talk about Hideo Kojima entrance walk. It was  freaking awesome, he rocked that stage. I bet everyone was expecting something Silent Hill:ish due to the cancel of PT. I was watching with my mouth open wide. I was not expecting him to make a new game with a character design of Norman Reedus like in PT. Everyone was very excited there. I am very, very VERY excited about this title. I want to know more. This is Hideo Kojima’s first title since leaving Konami and I am sure he will deliver a nice product and many more after this one.


The Last Guardian – Release: October, 25, 2016
Developers: SIE Japan Studio & genDESIGN

The preview of this made me all emotional. That’s when I know a game is worth playing, Whenever I feel emotionally attached to the characters or  the story, that’s when I know that I am going to have a great game experience playing that particular title. Japanese talking too! So good. I will definitely give this a go.


Crash Bandicoot – Release: 2017 TBA
Developers: Naughty Dog

Okay so, I am not gonna lie, my inner childhood is calling on me but seriously, why a remake? Why can’t they just make a new game? It’s been so many years Naughty Dog! Regardless, I am excited to play the three titles that they’re remaking so I am not gonna nag all the way.

Crash, Crash 2 and Crash Warped will be available for the PS4 in 2017 (TBA)

I hope you all enjoyed the show! I wish I could’ve been there myself like the pervious years. I was there when they first announced Final Fantasy 15 and when they mentioned Kingdom Hearts III (I almost cried, seriously) Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I was expecting something this year but nada from Square Enix which was odd in my opinion.

Let me know what game you’re looking forward to play! 🙂

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– Siara

Engagement Party


One of my friends from high school (six form) got engaged recently and decided to throw a party with his close ones. It’s insane how fast time has gone by. I remember years ago that we were sitting in this coffee shop having lunch and he mentioned this chick he started dating. I remember how he described her and how much he liked her back then. That was like 7 years ago! I ended up seeing some other high school friends there too that I hadn’t seen for over 5 years! It was nice catching up and talking about the good ol’ times. I ended up dancing for hours in my sky high heels and I couldn’t feel my feet after 7 hours haha. And no, I wouldn’t normally wear pants for a engagement party but I thought heck I am gonna do it anyways and I rocked that outfit. (ps. to see the rest of the photos you need to click on the title) I apologize for the bad quality photos, it was a bit dark.

I am so happy for the both of them and I hope that they live a happy and a healthy life. I am so looking forward to the wedding! Congratulations!

– Siara



I forgot how much people can troll on forums. I feel like I was an angel when I was active in forums back in the days compared to the persons I had to deal with today. I don’t really work at support but people we’re going overboard today there so I had to step in and do something about it.

I used to be apart of a bunch of forums over 13 years ago. It was mostly Michael Jackson forums (and occasionally the Swedish Nintendo website…until Nintendo closed all Nintendo websites except their own official one, booooo!) but I remember back then how it was. I felt like it was a playground. If you were a mod, you were highly respected by the other users and If you had made a lot of posts you were quite “popular”. Can you believe that? Having a status in forums? Ridiculous. Even bullying happened there too. I remember this one chick that was super rude and annoying, she was driving everyone nuts. Don’t understand why she didn’t get any warnings and getting banned. Memories. Due to those forums, I ended up getting to know new people all around the world and getting new friends. I still have contact with few of them today. It’s funny how an artist can bring people together. I’m grateful for Michael Jackson and that he was apart of my childhood. Even if I got bullied for it, for being a fan of his, I was still proud to say that I am a supporter of him.

– Siara

Returning a ripped dress

4th of June was one of those days where you want to just forget about everything and enjoy the moment. It started with a phone call to my friend telling her I needed to return a dress that I had bought recently (there was a hole in my brand new dress, classy) she said she would join me in town and that we would plan something more when we meet up. Her boyfriend joined too (yay for being the third wheel) we ended up returning my dress and after that, I wanted to check out some cameras. I’ve had my Nikon camera for over 3 years now and I ended up buying something that I was never fond of. I spent a bit too much on it too which was a shame. So, I have been in the haunt for a new camera. It’s between two cameras atm. Either the Canon M3 or the Canon g7x Mark II. I want to fully test them both and read online before deciding. I don’t want to feel like I’m gonna regret my decision this time again. I will eventually get a DSLR camera too so I can film in better quality. I’m such a tech geek, It’s like candy to my eyes.

(P.S – To be able to see the photos attached to the post, you need to click on the post title. Lame, I know)

Anyways! We ended up going to two different stores, one was quite further out compared to the other one but it was alright. Then on the way back I told them that we should have a picnic! Well, we just bought some kebab and sat in a park, close enough still, no? After that I randomly suggested that we should go to the theme park and both of them said why not. We didn’t go on any rides because we ended up going there quite late in the evening. So, we ended up playing on the arcades (DDR ftw!) eat lots of yummy food, played some other games and took some photos. I will go there again just to ride everything and record it just for the fun of it! So you guys can see how it’s like at Liseberg. It’s one of my fav theme parks in the world.

Anyways, this all happened because of that ripped dress. Maybe it was meant to be after all.

– Siara



Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday! Not really lol.

It’s 27 degrees celsius (80 Fahrenheit) it’s a beautiful day and I am indoors working (buhu) Well I am getting off soon so I’ll be able to enjoy the weather in a bit. Maybe I should buy some ice cream? (Magnum Classic is so goooood!)

Question, why do people get excited for Friday’s? Is it because of the weekend? Or is it because of the people making a hype about it. I mean, what about those who work on weekends? Do they enjoy Friday’s as much as the people that is not working on weekends? So many odd questions running through my head.

To be honest, I’d rather work on the weekend and be off on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I am not a fond of Monday’s. Doesn’t matter if I am free from work or not, I just don’t like it. Maybe it’s because of the aura of the other people hating that day? Or perhaps it’s Garfield’s fault for hating Monday’s. At least he made me love lasagna, some good stuff right there.


– Siara

Read my mind


Hello whoever you are!

I decided to make a blog (once again) to write down my thoughts or my random memories. After all, I enjoy writing and I thought it would be nice to get back into it. So basically, you’re going to read my mind out loud.

The name is Siara and I enjoy playing video games, eating potatoes and watch Korean drama.

Welcome to my world.

– Siara