How low can you go? How much would you sacrifice to gain? To control? To become inhumane?

There are people out there that would even sell their soul to the devil to achieve anything in life, to kill, torture, sell out and to take advantage of. Perhaps some of these examples are a bit extreme but this is the truth we are facing in this world. We might not see it all because it’s getting all filtered in the media, to make it more “mild” perhaps.

Being taken advantage of might not be as something serious as the other examples I wrote above but it does hurt regardless. Imagine if one of your closest friends suddenly talked bad about you behind your back…saying she/he is only friends with you because they would gain benefit from it, not because they like you or consider you as a friend. Sure you can cross her/him off your friends list but is it really that simple? To remove someone you care about from your heart?

I’ve come to realize many years later with certain friends that I still think fondly of them even though they treated me like trash. I don’t know why but it’s something my heart doesn’t allow me to do, it’s like safe block deep down in there. I find it ridiculous but I always see the good in people, even though they treated me like I was an object. I wonder if it’s because I pity them, pity that they’re living such a sad life by greed, for not knowing what the real meaning of life is. I can’t put myself in their shoes, I wouldn’t do that to anyone, I would feel filthy, ashamed and miserable.

My conclusion to all of this is that, we all are lonely, but greedy people might suffer with a deeper loneliness that a lot of people would never understand. Perhaps they’re the ones that are in desperate for help, that needs to be pulled out of the gutter.

I pity them.

– Siara