About Me

The name is Siara. I love eating burgers, kebab pizza and Korean BBQ. Actually, I love eating food that reduces your life span. Oh and also, I’m a game designer. Welcome to my world.

Is this the page where I brag about my awesome life? Because I don’t have much going on to be honest. The only thing I can brag about is that I can bake and speak three different languages. Actually… I know people who can speak 5 different languages, so I take that back.

My interest for video games started when I was 2-3 years old. My dad got me a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo and that’s when my memorable childhood started. The game that triggered my interest for game design was The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past, I fell in love with that game. It took me 7 years to complete that game (3 year old – 10 year old) because I was too young to understand English. Due to that, I wasn’t able to understand the hints and the guide in the game. After I completed the game, I felt empty. I had grown up with that game, struggling to complete it and it was now over. I looked up to Shigeru Miyamoto ever since then and my dream is to become a great game designer just like him.

I moved to LA to pursue my dream. I bought a one way ticket to a land I’ve never visited before and I didn’t have relatives there nor any friends. It was a journey I had to do and I was willing to leave everyone behind and move 14 hours away from home to do that. I stayed there for 3 whole years. It was a long, fun and struggling time there but it was all worth it.

Why I started this blog was to “Think out Loud” like it says on my home page. I want to write down my thoughts, my ideas and my life. I want to share memorable moments and I want to entertain people. I love writing and making people smile and laugh.

Whoever you are, welcome to my world, or should I say my mind?

– Siara