Blow Back by Akira Yamaoka | Silent Hill: Origins

Halloween is near and I was craving to sing a song composed by the one and only Akira Yamaoka. If you haven’t heard of his work of art before then you sure have missed out. Although, I must say that it is not for everyone out there. If you are a Silent Hill fan then I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Back in 2014 I actually emailed Mr Yamaoka saying that I really loved his work. He ended up replying back, saying he was happy that I enjoyed his art. 6 years later I decided to sing one of his songs, a tiny bit late for a fan I must say, but better late than never, right?

For those of you that haven’t played any “Silent Hill” game before, then I recommend you to start if you love horror games! It’s my favorite series of all horror games out there.

I hope you enjoy this little piece. Huge thanks to my love for playing the guitar along with my singing.

Akira Yamaoka website:

– Siara