Unboxing and Testing Nintendo’s New Game & Watch in 2020

Am I hearing this right?

A new Game & Watch in 2020?

Don’t worry this is not a dream!

I got my hands on this cute little device on the 13th of November, luckily the same day as the release day, so I thought it would be a good idea to unbox and review the latest product.

It evokes a sense of nostalgia just by holding it in your hands. It’s very similar to the original and it doesn’t feel like it is a new edition until you actually turn on the device. The handheld itself is very small, which makes it hard to play on. Fortunately, I have small hands so I’m able to use the device. However, players with large hands are going to have a problem.

The difference between the original and the latest Game & Watch is that this one does not have an alarm embedded in it. The clock is displayed in the menu itself, which was something I thought was quite odd. Also, it did not come with a built-in stand which prevented you from using it as an alarm clock. Something that a lot of past owners used to use it for. I’m not sure what Nintendo was thinking when they excluded these features but I assume there must’ve been a valid reason.

Will we ever know?

Who knows.

Overall the game comes with three different games. “Super Mario Bros”, “Super Mario Bros 2 The Lost Levels” and “Ball”, the first-ever Game & Watch game released in 1980 featuring Mario instead of the classic Game & Watch character. You can switch between games without interfering with the previous gameplay and all three games can be paused at the same time.

Regarding the battery, you charge this little device with a simple USB C cable to a USB AC adapter. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not include a USB AC adapter with this bundle. I would recommend using Nintendo’s official brand, but if you don’t care about your precious consoles and aren’t a picky person like me, I am sure you can use a third-party product. Just make sure that it is compatible before charging it.

A full charge takes three hours and it’s supposed to last for about eight hours depending on your settings with the brightness and volume.

I would say that this console is definitely not for everyone. These games can be easily played on other consoles. I played these games on my Super Mario All-Star game on my Super Nintendo. I can also access the games on my NES or my Nintendo Switch online account. Note that “Ball” is excluded from the options I mentioned.

Keep in mind that people who get this console aren’t buying it for the games, it’s usually for nostalgic reasons. It’s a console that probably hardcore Nintendo fans would get as a collector or perhaps as an introduction for their kids who knew nothing about Game & Watch consoles.

If you want to see the full review then you can watch the video here. The first video is the unboxing and the second is me testing its functionalities.

Let me know what you guys think! Is it worth getting? Or is it just…meh?

– Siara