I forgot how much people can troll on forums. I feel like I was an angel when I was active in forums back in the days compared to the persons I had to deal with today. I don’t really work at support but people we’re going overboard today there so I had to step in and do something about it.

I used to be apart of a bunch of forums over 13 years ago. It was mostly Michael Jackson forums (and occasionally the Swedish Nintendo website…until Nintendo closed all Nintendo websites except their own official one, booooo!) but I remember back then how it was. I felt like it was a playground. If you were a mod, you were highly respected by the other users and If you had made a lot of posts you were quite “popular”. Can you believe that? Having a status in forums? Ridiculous. Even bullying happened there too. I remember this one chick that was super rude and annoying, she was driving everyone nuts. Don’t understand why she didn’t get any warnings and getting banned. Memories. Due to those forums, I ended up getting to know new people all around the world and getting new friends. I still have contact with few of them today. It’s funny how an artist can bring people together. I’m grateful for Michael Jackson and that he was apart of my childhood. Even if I got bullied for it, for being a fan of his, I was still proud to say that I am a supporter of him.

– Siara

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