Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday! Not really lol.

It’s 27 degrees celsius (80 Fahrenheit) it’s a beautiful day and I am indoors working (buhu) Well I am getting off soon so I’ll be able to enjoy the weather in a bit. Maybe I should buy some ice cream? (Magnum Classic is so goooood!)

Question, why do people get excited for Friday’s? Is it because of the weekend? Or is it because of the people making a hype about it. I mean, what about those who work on weekends? Do they enjoy Friday’s as much as the people that is not working on weekends? So many odd questions running through my head.

To be honest, I’d rather work on the weekend and be off on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I am not a fond of Monday’s. Doesn’t matter if I am free from work or not, I just don’t like it. Maybe it’s because of the aura of the other people hating that day? Or perhaps it’s Garfield’s fault for hating Monday’s. At least he made me love lasagna, some good stuff right there.


– Siara

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  1. Haha 🙂

    I usually don’t work on weekends but I know that people would hate on any day that they have to go back to work on. “Mondays” happen to be the days most people start their week by and therefor go back to work. That’s why they hate it.

    I feel like if fridays meant the start of the week and begining to work it would be the same.

    In France, most school don’t have classes on wednesday afternoon. But for some reason, while in high school, I had class on wednesday afternoon. I remember hating this so much. I just couldn’t enjoy wednesdays. It was like the worst day in the whole week for me.
    My schedule was desynchronised from my best friends and most other people of my age.
    One of the down side of not having off day as anyone else is a defacto social exclusion. You can’t go out with your friends like you’d like too, except those you have that do the same thing as you.

    Then again, France is a weird country 🙂
    You almost need a exemption to work on Sunday. Most shops and businesses are closed on sunday. (except restaurants ect)

    So all in all. I love the day that precedes a holiday, and I hate the one I have to come back…
    Sounds like a good sum up 😀

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