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My Top 10 favorite Super Nintendo Games

Decided to write this list because I streamed Donkey Kong Country three nights ago. I have many more favorites when it comes old games but these are my ultimate favorites and I decided to share them here on my blog. Hopefully you’ll be interested in getting one or two of the games yourself.


10. Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventure 

Yes, this might sound crazy but I played this game like there was no tomorrow, even though I hadn’t watched the movies…(still haven’t BUT IT’S ON MY MOVIE LIST) and I was so entertained by this game. I enjoyed it a lot. I never completed it though, it was bit hard for me when I was young. Perhaps I should give it another go.


9. Street Fighter 2 (2 player’s available) 

This was the first time I played Street Fighter and perhaps a bit young to play a game like that. You turned all bloody and beaten up in the end if you lost and I got scared as a kid when that appeared (it’s a bit funny now when I think about it) I still enjoyed the fighting game and played it a lot with my little brother, good times.



8. The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse  (2 player’s available) 

Alright, most of you probably are thinking, wth, a Disney game? To be honest, this game was one of the best games I played as a child (obviously because it’s on my top 10). It was entertaining, funny and a bit dark. My brother actually asked me to play this game with him during summer. Childhood memories.


7. Star Fox (Starwing)

I don’t remember any of the storyline of this game, because my English was rubbish as a kid. Didn’t know anything so it was hard to understand what was going on. The only thing I remember with their dialogue was that I would make up my own version and pretend like they’re actually saying that to each other (even if they didn’t) like “Mr Frog are you alright?!”, thought I was the coolest kid in town when I did that. Regardless of the story, the gameplay was fun and I enjoyed it even if I was a noob.


6. Super Mario Kart (2 player’s available) 

My childhood friend and I would always play this together. We would still pick this game to play even though Mario Kart 64 was released back then. Don’t know why really, I guess we just got attached to this game somehow. Damn those pixels though, so sexy.


5. Super Mario All Star

Okay, I know, this isn’t fair. Super Mario All Star is a bundle game with four different Mario games from the NES and the Famicom Disk System (Super Mario World: The Lost Levels). But it would be considered as a Super Nintendo game regardless because the games are a remake. Super Mario 3 was my addiction back then. I always looked forward to turn into a frog, swim in the ocean, then turn into a raccoon and fly over the sky. The thing that I didn’t like was the “cheats”. You can find a flute in two different places of the game which allowed the player to teleport to another world. A bit too easy to be honest.


4. Mega Man X

I was never able to beat this game when I was a kid. I got to the last boss and kept losing and losing, it was horrible…but I still have good memories of that game, same with the music. Luckily I managed to beat it later (one year ago lol) This game is worth playing, it’s fun, challenging and you might rage quite along the way so beware of that lol


3. Super Mario World (2 player’s available) 
Me and my brother would play this all the time when we were kids. I would always be Mario and he would be Luigi. It was because I was always player number one while he was number two so it kinda turned out that way. Although, I personally preferred to play Mario, don’t know why. I felt like this Mario game was a bit different compared to the other games and I liked that. Colorful Yoshi’s? Yell yeah.


2. Donkey Kong Country (2 player’s available) 

This game is one of the many classics that Nintendo has released. Rareware games did a good job with this franchise, same with the other titles that they developed later on in the years (we will never forget those times Rareware <3) This is a must to play game, especially if you have a brother, sister or an awesome friend to play with, that’s how you’ll enjoy it the most. My favorite character to play with was Donkey Kong. He was way more stronger than Diddy Kong and badass (in my opinion)


1. The Legend of Zelda – A Link to The Past

I guess some of you already knew this was coming. This is one of the best games of all time. No game beats over this one. It’s a classic and very nostalgic game to me. This was the game that started my love for video games and if you haven’t even tried it, then you’ve been living under a rock this whole time. But…it’s never too late to be a part of the cool kids. Make sure to try it out to be part of the gang!
Alright, I guess that’s pretty much it. Perhaps I should make a Nintendo 64 list next? We’ll see.

Which one is your favorite?

– Siara

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