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The Last of us…Part II – My reaction and thoughts

So PSX (Playstation Experience) was held last week and I couldn’t catch it due to the time difference and streaming schedule (boho) but I ended up reading some tweets, articles and found out some crazy new releases! One of them were The Last of us Part II! Insane hype indeed. I didn’t watch the trailer until recently due to wanting to record a reaction video. I must say, Naughty Dog…I want more.’

I don’t want to reveal too much of the reaction video so I am gonna paste it here for those who wants to watch it first. Although, I do want to go deeper into this teaster trailer. Of course we know about the ending at Part I but this teaser gave us a deeper message. (Spoiler alert) Forest, Firefly logo and then a “mini” village. At the beginning you don’t really understand the situiation but at the end when she says “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill, every last one of them” that’s basically her saying; killing all the fireflies. So she is for some reason gonna wipe them all. Not sure if it’s connected with the Part 1 game (perhaps a little at the end of the game) but that’s all we know for now. I also don’t know if she knows about the lie Joel said or not at the end of Part I. We won’t know until it’s out I guess. Overall with the teaser,  good job Naughty Dog for the tense and excting video. You guys did a great job.

Perhaps Naughty Dog might release a new teaser. We can always hope.

– Siara

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