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Uncharted 4…The end?


The other day, I finished off Uncharted 4 live on Twitch and I must say, the Uncharted series is one of the best series I’ve ever played. It was all well connected story wise and blended in like a good cake mix (bad metaphor but you get the point) The ending chapter (before the Epilogue) (SPOILER ALERT) was very hyped too with the sword fight with Rafe, was not expecting that to be the “last boss”. All that treasure that Nathan and his brother Sam had been chasing since they were kids was now in front of them. That closure they both got, amazing. You get to learn a lot from Nathan Drake’s past. It was fascinating to go back and play as kid Nathan and teenage Nathan. Of course that happened to the pervious titles too which was very exciting.

The Epilogue was a good ending into the cake mix too but also perhaps a teaser? You get to see that both Nathan and Elena had been traveling the world with their company (that they had bought from Jameson) and then you end up knowing that they got a daughter that you end up playing as while exploring their current home and location.

Creative director of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckman said in an interview with The Sun that they wouldn’t make any more Uncharted games with Nathan Drake but according to him, Sony owns Uncharted and they can literally do anything with that franchise…so I wonder, perhaps they have some plans up their sleeves to make the daughter Cassie Drake the next star of a brand “new” franchise? They could start fresh with a new character and reveal the secret life that she had been living right after she started hearing about her parents dangerous adventures? Who knows. If they actually did end up making such a thing then they wouldn’t start working on it until many years later. So perhaps a game like that would come to surface in around seven years? I bet Naughty Dog wants to work on new titles too rather than focus on the “old” ones. Because eventually, you’ll get tired.

Regardless of their planning, I still believe me and Nathan would make a better couple than him and Elena. Just saying.


P.s..this was not photoshopped.

– Siara


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