A Little act of Kindness

How often do you to get on a bus? Everyday? Once a week? How many of those times have you greeted the bus driver? Do you even smile when entering? Or do you just walk in without lifting your head up?

You pass by strangers all the time and you probably don’t even think about showing some act of kindness to some of these people. I have a habit of saying hi to the bus driver every time. Some get surprised because nobody usually greet them. When I listen to music I tend to just smile instead but at times I take my headphones off just so I can say hi.

Complementing strangers. Yes that sounds weird doesn’t it? But why wouldn’t you? You’ve been checking out that girls outfit for a while and been wondering where she got that skirt. Why not go forward, compliment and ask her? She would be flattered.

Years ago I stumbled on a guy at a electronic store. He was helping me out with some wires. I just could’t stop staring at his eyes. One of his eyes were brown and the other was blue. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I told him he had beautiful eyes. He thanked me and smiled. He probably had heard that one before though, I am sure of it.

In America I was waiting in a queue in the bank and this girl was standing in front of me and I kept looking at her hair. She had her whole hair braided in a cool way. I kept thinking how long it must’ve taken to braid all of that (my friends do it all the time at a specialist and it takes HOURS) she thought I was looking weirdly at her but it was the opposite. I complimented her hair and she immediately smiled and thanked me.

Over a year ago in Santa Monica, I was waiting for my Uber ride to arrive to pick me up. Out of nowhere this random guy just walked towards me, excusing himself and said that I looked beautiful. I smiled and thanked him. Then he wished me having a wonderful day and walked back to the restaurant. I still remember that compliment because it was random and he just came out to me just to say that. Usually when that happens to me, guys always asks for my number in return (never gave my number out to strangers) so for someone to come and just give me a compliment without anything in return was a bit unusual for me, but those few seconds made my whole day.

A little act of kindness can make someones bad day turn into their best. That’s why I think complimenting strangers isn’t something weird. You can turn someones day to be their best highlight of the week and you know what? It doesn’t cost anything, it’s free : )

– Siara

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  1. Once again I really like reading your stories (at night?!)

    It will probably sound “cliché” and I already hate to say or admit it but I feel like i’m just like you.
    I don’t know why I feel related or why I recognize a bit of myself in almost everything you write.
    Perhaps what you write is just common sense and common behavior.
    Perhaps you’re a dreamer, an idealist and I’m too (even though I see myself as a pragmatic lol)
    Perhaps it’s all just a joke…
    Honestly I don’t know. I just know that I have the same “philosophy”,
    The same way of thinking and seing certain things.
    And today’s topic is no different.

    I have always thought that you could do so much with kindness, either it’s for a friend or a foe.
    A family member or a stranger, kindness, attention is always the way to go.

    Even though when I read your piece, I feel like it’s not so much about kindness or compliments but most of all opening ourselves to others.

    I have actually a few stories of people I have met or who I have become great friend with thanks to the most basic thing in life. Like starting by saying Good Morning.
    I always take Good Morning as a example because it’s the same (spirit) in every language.
    Bonjour, Buongiorno, Buenos dia, Good Morning… It’s literally wishing someone to have a good day/morning etc.
    What is nowdays a polite form used to be a true wish. “I wish you a beautiful day”.
    Just like “Salut/Salute” is wishing someone to be healthy. Today you would translate that as “hi”
    Nowdays you can meet people on the street, they say good morning but they couldn’t care less if you have a good morning or not.
    But when you really mean it, when you wish it from the bottom of your heart people can feel it. I certainly can.

    It’s the same for everything in life.
    And once a while, someone, some people, pay you back/spoils you with more kindness that you could have ever imagined.
    Some people call it Karma, I prefer to think that it’s GOD (but only if you believe) 🙂

    It’s funny because now that I’ve been reading your blog for a few week I strongly believe that you’re a beautiful person. In and out. i’m just going to let this here. If you happen to read it…
    Wish you a truly beautiful day. 😉

    “Kill them with kindness”

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