The most underrated singer of all time: JoJo (Joanna Levesque)


The most underrated singer of all time, JoJo (Joanna Levesque)

this chick is absolutely amazing. I became a huge fan since she released her first single (2003) and it sucks that she doesn’t have a lot of followers because she deserves so much more. I blame her previous record label for not letting this wonderful human being grow. Holding her like a hostage for about 7 years is just sad (it’s a very long story but she wasn’t allowed to release any albums after her second one) I want to dedicate today’s blog post to her because she’s bomb.

If you haven’t heard her music then I won’t judge. A lot of people don’t know who she is but she is slowly blooming out to the media once again which is nice to see. I am a bit bummed  that I wasn’t able to see her in LA when she had shows. She would sing around the country even when she was still stuck with her old label. It would’ve been nice to hear her live.


One of my favorite songs of her is André. This song was released in Dec 2012 (remember this clearly because I was living in LA at the time)  Make sure to give a listen here. The song was released along with the Agâpé Mixtape ( Agâpé is the name of her dog ; ) )

Damn I used to workout with this song at the time. It’s so damn catchy. Another fave on that came with the mixtape was Can’t Handle the Truth. She made another song called Thinkin out Loud but it was sample which left us fans greedy and wanting more. So, 3 years later she finally released a full version on Soundcloud. Finally! This song reminds me of LA a lot. Brings me back good memories. So I don’t mind the 3 year waiting, I finally got it.
I have a bunch of favorites from her “High Road” album that was released in 2006. “High Road” was one of the songs I played none stop on repeat back in the days. This song was just perfect in every way for my teenage year. I feel like her music suited my life situation perfectly. We are about a year apart with the age gap so that’s probably why, teenage hormones haha. Another song of that album that was awesome was Like That. Catchy Catchy.
And of course, I have to mention her official (NOT EP) three singles that she released 11 months ago with her new label. When Love Hurts, Save My Soul and Say Love. Damn it Jo, stop being on fire. Love these singles.

A few days ago she released a new single, F*** Apologies ft Wiz Khalifa and boy, this singles is on fire. Been playing it none stop these passed days.  You can have a listen to that song here. I really hope that they play this song on the radio everywhere, it’s really good and catchy. The music they play on the radio nowadays aren’t the best.

She also announced that she’s released her new album “Mad Love” in October 14th 2016. I can’t wait to hold that album. #PhysicalCopy4Life

I am happy that she’s finally free and I can’t wait for her to release her new album.

#FreeJoJo —- #JoJoIsFinallyFree
– Siara


  1. It’s funny how you talk about her, we can clearly see how much of a fan you are…

    Oh yeah I know about her.
    I’ve been aware of JoJo since her first big single “Leave”, I think it was in 2003/2004 yeah.
    Not sure exactly but it was in the early 00’s. She was the new rn’b sensation.
    And she blew quite early. She was what? like 13 or 14?!
    I was a teen too and found her quite attractive lol ??

    Then after the single, “Leave” which was a big hit.
    I think she did something with Bow wow or Omarion too (not sure) I never really heard about her anymore. I had never known why until I read your blog. Obviously she had talent…
    It’s just a few years ago that I heard about JoJo again thanks to Zelda Williams. The two of them seem to be pretty close friends, so Zelda would help promote and rise awareness of JoJo. Which is cool.
    I had always wondered what she had become. (Funny how every revolve around “Zelda” here lol)

    I remember how, here, she was presented as the new Rn’B phenomenon back then.
    The late 90s and early 00s were quite a rise and fall for R&B and many R&B artists.
    Since the death of Aaliyah in 2001, I feel like a lot of major labels were looking for the next “Aaliyah”. They would do anything to capitalize on this and would not think twice if it meant breaking someone’s career. If you look closely the only person left from this era is Beyoncè (and maybe you can count Justin Timberlake and Pharell)…

    If I understand correctly what you said it seems like she has been blocked by her label and couldn’t release anything until now. This is disgusting. They obviously wanted to artistically kill her.

    I will listen to her new song.

    1. By the way, you should totally follow Zelda Williams on twitter and instagram. She is funny, has a opinion about everything (so she is never boring), she is JoJo’s friend and a big Legend of Zelda fan lol…

      And she is a twitch stream too lol

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