Gyros and climbing (well..sort of)


The other week was a nice sunny day and me and a lame person decided to enjoy the weather and just go on a lame adventure. I wanted to have Greek Gyros soooo bad so we ended up going there just to eat some. This stuff, is good stuff. My life would’ve been ruined if food was considered as a drug. I would’ve been struggling so bad : ( so I am happy that food isn’t bad for you c: unless it’s something super unhealthy and it reduces your life span by half…then again I would eat it anyways lol


So I ended up playing around at the park with these bars. I am so weak though but I tried my best to do one at least haha (I held on like there was no tomorrow :’ ( )


In the evening I decided to buy pizza lol so bad for you but I was craving for pizza so bad. I wish pizza was healthy and spinach was not…I don’t like spinach.

– Siara

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