Stuck at home

I didn’t think I’d be stuck in bed this week. I feel like someone has punched my stomach 100 times in a row and I feeling the after effect of the result. I want to do things but I can’t, I feel so unproductive. Doing nothing sucks and I have no patience at all. It’s quite funny that I am reacting this way. People would normally love being stuck in bed, watching movies all day and just chill. I am quite the opposite, I want to go to work and be creative. Meh, no streaming too…boo.

Oh well, enjoy this awesome photo from Disneyland. Pineapple icecream…take me back.

– Siara

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  1. *knock, knock…*

    *slowly pushing the door open*

    I’m not sure if i’m allowed to enter, if i’m allowed to read your mind, but here i am…
    Openly reading and I am enjoying it. 🙂
    Catching sight of a bit of myself in you. This is funny.

    Reading your blog is quite interesting while being personal. It reads like having a bref access to your mind. Just a few thoughts here and there, never too long to be boring. Not too short either. Just flashes… Flashes of reflection.
    From food to existential issues. I like it.
    I like it because I’m the same.

    It seems like nobody had taken the step to write a comment on here, to push the door…
    Glad to be the first.

    PS: I read you’re going to Italie, I went last year it was fabulous. I have actually been learning italian for 2 years now. Such a beautiful language. You have to go to Pizza there. My favorite was “Speck e Mascarpone”. *love*

    Buona notte e sogni d’oro. 😉

    “Thinking out loud” sounds like the perfect name.

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