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Milano, Italy

We arrived quite late on Friday and I was so exhausted. The weather was so warm in the evening though and I was loving it. We didn’t go out until the next day because the time was 10 pm and I wanted to sleep. We woke up quite early today and headed out for breakfast (there were no breakfast places close to the Air BnB though -_- so we ate at Burger King instead lol so lame) but then we took the tube and headed to see Duomo di Milano. Unfortunately…it was raining the whole day today. So I had  to carry around my umbrella. It was going to thunder too and we wanted  to go up the Cathedral but the combination of that didn’t sound good to my ears. Rain, thunder and being on top of a church, no thanks. So we ended up strolling around the area and taking photos.


I had my first pasta in Italy today. I ordered a creamy chicken pasta with mushrooms (note that it was barely any chicken in my pasta, apparently they don’t put a lot of meat in their food) it was good but then I started to feel sick. I am not sure if it was the cheese in the pasta or not but I just didn’t feel good. I started to feel better after a nap when we got back to the flat.


This was the pasta that I had (it looks good though. I would eat it again lol)

We went out for dinner around the area and found a really good place and I ordered my first Italian pizza, asparagus pizza.  I ordered it and it tasted pretty good. Although, it was a Margherita pizza with some asparagus on the top lol. Regardless, I was satisfied. I noticed that their pizza is even thinner than Swedish pizza which is insane! Yet I got full eating that.


So much food, so little time.

– Siara

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  1. First I wanted to say that you look absolutely gorgeous on the picture above.
    I really mean it. Truly beautiful lady…

    Now I imagine Link in the handbag though haha 🙂 #FreeLink

    Read this post twice and I have finally understood why it makes me smile.
    Because it seems like your first day was going from restaurants to another lol
    Without interruption 😀 Even after being sick, took a brief nap and got back at it again lmao
    I feel it’s a bit funny to read. I wouldn’t want to be between you and a dish lol #gunsligher #farwest

    You “hate” food lol
    I can’t blame you though I love it too. Especially pizza. *love* <3
    I'm not sure you chose a good one though 😀 Asparagus *facepalm* Why?!
    Why does every woman need to pretend and order a Margarita lol 😀
    😀 😀 😀 Je comprends pas lol

    My favorite is with mascarpone, ham, mozzarella…
    I ate a lot of pizza in Italy, but this one, I ate in a little pizzeria in Lucca was fabulous.
    Brought me to seventh heaven lol. You would have probably fallen on the floor if you had tasted it.
    It-is-so, so, soooooo freaking good 🙂

    Actually I'm going to tell you a story. When I was in Lucca, after the eating the pizza I congratulated the pizzaiolo, told him it was the best pizza I had ever eaten in my life, he noticed my weird accent, saw I was a tourist so he said I should write a review on Tripadvisor if I wanted to help him.
    And that's what I did, the same night I registered on Tripadvisor and gave him my very first review.
    The review was so successful that he send me a private message saying he had a lot of French client now because of my review and he would give me a meal for free when I come back. 🙂

    My Tripadvisor account (not put a lot of review lately):

    Italy is such a beautiful country with very nice people really.
    To be honest I had never felt the desire to go to Italy before I actually went there. Italian was never my thing I had always prefer spain and spanish before (even chose it at school) and I actually remember hating italians with passion back in 2006 when they won the World Cup Final against us in Germany.
    Sometimes I think it was a beautiful accident that I felt in love with this country…
    I have meet beautiful people there and italy has always a special place in my heart.
    I have come a long way honestly. From thinking a lot of italian were kinda racist and politically I hated Silvio Berlusconi and everything he represented (just like bush) now I'm learning italian on my spare time…

    Isn't it beautiful to travel and learn about one another?! About others culture and coutumes?!
    I personally love it and if I could I would be in a different place everyday.
    Tomorrow, maybe in Sweden 🙂

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