Italy, Venice


Currently in Italy strolling around Venice. It’s a beautiful place here and I feel so comfortable around here. People are happy, enjoying themselves in the sun. Eating Gelato, food and laughing out loud. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and I finally did. It was on my to-do list for years and I was never able to go until recently. I came down here with someone special to me which made the whole trip even better. I don’t want to go back.

– Siara

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  1. Yeah Italy is so beautiful.
    And you’ve not seen anything yet until you have visited the north.
    Between montains and sea, snow and sand, the Alps and the Méditerranée. Italy is a beautiful mariage, between harmony and antagony.
    I really liked it out there. You should visite Lucca, Viarregio and Firenze if you can. Lot of history there too…

    A bit off topic but I am really glad you are fine and safe. When I heard about the earthquake the other day I immediately thought about you and was really worried. Thinking about the worst lol. Especially since we had not news about you anymore…
    Anyway, you are back and that’s what matter.

    What was your favorite Pizza?

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