Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday! Not really lol.

It’s 27 degrees celsius (80 Fahrenheit) it’s a beautiful day and I am indoors working (buhu) Well I am getting off soon so I’ll be able to enjoy the weather in a bit. Maybe I should buy some ice cream? (Magnum Classic is so goooood!)

Question, why do people get excited for Friday’s? Is it because of the weekend? Or is it because of the people making a hype about it. I mean, what about those who work on weekends? Do they enjoy Friday’s as much as the people that is not working on weekends? So many odd questions running through my head.

To be honest, I’d rather work on the weekend and be off on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I am not a fond of Monday’s. Doesn’t matter if I am free from work or not, I just don’t like it. Maybe it’s because of the aura of the other people hating that day? Or perhaps it’s Garfield’s fault for hating Monday’s. At least he made me love lasagna, some good stuff right there.


– Siara

Read my mind


Hello whoever you are!

I decided to make a blog (once again) to write down my thoughts or my random memories. After all, I enjoy writing and I thought it would be nice to get back into it. So basically, you’re going to read my mind out loud.

The name is Siara and I enjoy playing video games, eating potatoes and watch Korean drama.

Welcome to my world.

– Siara